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Poll: 96% of Marylanders Say They Pay Enough in Taxes

ANNAPOLIS – Today, Delegate Justin Ready (R-5A-Carroll) and his fellow freshmen Republican House members released the findings of a recent Gonzales poll showing an astonishing 96% of Marylanders believe they pay too much or the right amount of taxes – with only 4% feeling they pay too little in taxes. The poll showed that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents agree on this issue in overwhelming majorities.

"I am proud to stand with 96% of Marylander's who believe that we are being taxed enough already. In 2007, we were told tax increases would solve our growing deficits, but it has not," said Delegate Ready. "Maryland still carries these high deficits because of continued over-spending at a time when our families have cut back. The answer is not more taxes, we are already one the highest taxed states in the country," Ready continued.

Many in attendance at the State House wore pins saying, "We are the 96%," representing the number of Marylanders who already pay enough taxes. These results are being released just as the Annapolis establishment is about to introduce legislation to increase the gas tax by a whopping 64%.

The 15 House GOP Freshman have solidly unified behind this message not adding new taxes, fees and regulations costing taxpayers more of their hard earned dollars.

"The answer for our state's fiscal problems is for those of us who are serving the people to be better stewards of the money we've been entrusted by the taxpayers. My fellow Republican freshmen are ready to work with Gov. O'Malley to make the tough choices to reduce our overall spending. Maryland does not have a revenue problem it has a spending problem and it is up to us to get the budget back under control without increasing taxes. I am proud to be part of the 96%," Ready concluded.

" No taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant. "

--George Washington

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