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U.S Banks Post Second-Highest Profit in 23 Years in 2Q 2014

U.S Banks Post Second-Highest Profit in 23 Years in 2Q 2014

( Wall Street Journal ) Banks are lending to companies and individuals at the fast...







Maryland Delegate Offers Bill to Prohibit Sticky Fingered Progressives Raiding Dedicated Trust Funds

Delegate Pat McDonough introduced a Constitutional amendment recently that will prohibit the Governor and General Assembly from transferring money out of the dedicated trust funds. The politicians in Annapolis have confiscated almost a billion dollars from the Transportation Trust Fund over the years. These stolen taxpayers' monies have been used for non-transportation projects, like funding the purchase of land in order to save the trees.

Now, the same politicians want to replace the missing transportation money with an increased sales tax on gasoline. At the current gas prices, that new tax would be as much as 25 cents per gallon. This misdeed will make Maryland have the highest gas taxes in the nation. The tax gas hike is completely unnecessary. The gas tax hike and the raiding of the transportation Trust fund are the equivalent of Jesse James robbing a bank and the police requiring that the depositors replace the stolen money.

Citizens should contact the House Appropriations Committee at 410-841-3000 and ask the delegates to support Delegate McDonough's Constitutional amendment. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Del. McDonough at 410-841-3334.

" No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms. "

—Thomas Jefferson

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