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Crime and Punishment

Question is, What will the participant survival rate be under GovernmentCare? -- Appeals court skeptical Obamacare can survive

NEW ORLEANS — (Politico) - A panel of federal appeals judges aggressively questioned whether Obamacare can survive during Tuesday afternoon oral arguments in a case that could upend the 2010 health care law.

Indiana Arguing That It's Constitutional To Seize Your Car for Driving 5 MPH Over the Speed Limit

(Reason) - After losing at the U.S Supreme Court, the state of Indiana still hasn't given up its argument that there are virtually no Eighth Amendment limits on what it can seize using civil asset forfeiture.

Judge orders special prosecutor to probe Smollett imbroglio

CHICAGO (AP | Don Babwin) — A judge decided to appoint a special prosecutor Friday to investigate the decision by Cook County prosecutors to dismiss all charges against actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of lying to the police by claiming he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in downtown Chicago in January.

Reasonable Doubt -- Medic stuns courtroom saying he killed prisoner, not Navy SEAL on trial

dfjytfdj7ujh56g5SAN DIEGO (Reuters | Marty Graham) - A Navy SEAL medic testified on Thursday that he was responsible for the death of an Islamic State fighter - not the Navy SEAL defendant undergoing a court-martial for war crimes - describing it as a mercy killing.

Another nice mess you've gotten into, Olie -- NRA sues ex-president Oliver North, saying he harmed the NRA

NEW YORK (AP) — The National Rifle Association has sued its former president, Oliver North, for what it called “conduct harmful to the NRA” as turmoil that was exposed publicly when North resigned two months ago continued Thursday when the organization also turned against its longtime chief lobbyist.

Obama-appointed judge rules ICE can't arrest illegals in Massachusetts courthouses

ICE cannot make civil arrests at Massachusetts courthouses, a federal judge ruled Thursday, dealing a major victory to activists who'd said immigrants were scared to show up for fear of being captured.

High School Girl Who Lost Race to Transgender Athletes Files Federal Complaint

(The Daily Signal | Rachel del Guidice)  A female high school athlete who didn’t qualify for a track event because two boys who identify as girls ran faster filed a complaint Monday with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

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