Last updateThu, 25 Feb 2021 12pm
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If you live in the 4th district Carroll County, a former jailbird lurks

Public records indicate a candidate in the County Commissioner District 4 race in Carroll County Maryland has a history of domestic abuse and assault resulting in extended jail time. Christopher Eric Bouchat has failed to disclose this violent history from District 4 voters.

Bouchat also served a one-year prison sentence for the non-lethal shooting of a former Howard County police chief's young son predating the evolution of the electronic database. Paper records are on file in the Howard County Court's paper file system.

In fact, Bouchat has accumulated enough prison time that it precludes the ex-convict from ever serving on a jury. That alone should disqualify the violent ex-convict from ever serving, arbitrating or deciding laws which affect the good people of Carroll County.

A $42k tax lien levied on Bouchat by the United States Dept Of The Treasury in 2014 is also troubling, belying fiscal responsibility. To learn more visit the MD court system electronic case search database.

Voters should use this database to research any and all candidates. We have enough dysfunctional misfits in public office. We certainly do not need to add to that dysfunction and dishonesty. 


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