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Eliminating the root cause of Baltimore and Maryland violence and demoralization: Fatherlessness

Maryland Reporter | Opinion By Tyrone Keys and Richard E. Vatz

Maryland and Baltimore have a terrible problem of violence and intimidation, and their root cause is not drugs, police corruption and incompetence or poverty.


All of these are problematic, but none of them constitutes something that can be mostly removed, or even majorly alleviated.  The key to identifying a root cause is that its solution leads to the elimination of the outcomes for which the cause is sought.  Otherwise, the efforts to pacify dangerous cities are just one dispiriting, depressing game of whack-a-mole.


The root cause of the murder, assaults, bullying, and intimidation that now defines Baltimore and most of Maryland is fatherlessness.  You could put a major dent in drug trafficking, police misconduct and misbehavior and poverty — none of which is likely — and all you would do is somewhat lessen the numbers of illegal acts and slightly improve the quality of life.

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