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Supreme Court takes case of Maryland war memorial shaped like cross

Elizabeth Zwirz | Fox News

The case regarding whether or not a Maryland war memorial in the shape of a cross goes against a separation of church and state was accepted for final review by Supreme Court justices on Friday.


The controversial memorial, which stands in Bladensburg, Maryland, was previously deemed to be in violation of the Constitution by a federal appeals court in Virginia, who determined that it “has the primary effect of endorsing religion and excessively entangles the government in religion.”


In petitioning the nation’s highest court to take the case, Maryland officials who maintain the monument, otherwise known as the “Peace Cross,” insisted that what it’s meant to honor proves that its purpose is to portray a secular message of remembrance, not one of religion.


Should the appeals court’s decision be allowed to stand, it could potentially affect hundreds of similar monuments across the country and would force “the removal or dismemberment of a cherished war memorial that has served as a site of solemn commemoration and civic unity for nearly a century,” the officials said.

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