Last updateThu, 25 Feb 2021 12pm

Learned Nothing — Europe Considers The Nazi Idea Of Requiring Jewish Businesses To Identify Themselves On Labels

(The Federalist | Melissa Langsam Braunstein) — Europeans are considering stigmatizing Jewish businesses — an idea last popularized by the Nazis — all in the name of neutrality. This time, the focus is on Jewish-owned businesses located in the world’s only Jewish nation-state and the European Union’s not-so-subtle suggestion that Israel exists only within its pre-1967 borders.

In June, Gerard Hogan, an advocate general at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, issued a nonbinding opinion, which many expect the court’s judges will adopt, suggesting that EU member states marginalize foodstuffs from Israel through detailed labeling. So products produced by Jewish citizens of Israel on land Israel won in the Six-Day War is supposed to be labeled as hailing from “Israeli settlements” rather than being labeled “made in Israel.” ...continues.

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