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Standard Retort

Peddling Stupid -- Georgetown Professor Compares Betsy Ross Flag to Swastika, Burning Cross

How low has academia sunk where the so-called brightest amongst them can be so willfully obtuse, intellectually dishonest, ignorant, and an asshat all at the same time.

Chronicles of Stupid - Things Idiots Say or Convey; Vol 1118

DtI1wZkVAAAJQekWe are surrounded by stupidity. It's everywhere. It pervades Hollywood, New York, Florida and it's entrenched in the D.C. quagmire. Found in every State in the Republic, stupid is both encouraged and rewarded. Stupid flourishes throughout the media and festers in the political swamp. Speaking stupid is fostered by self-important silver-spoons and proliferates among those blue check morons on the social chatterboxes.