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Common Sense Win — After shooting of Baltimore cop, Gov. Hogan calls for longer mandatory minimums

Don't prosecute the gun, prosecute and bury the shooter. Personal responsibility and accountability, what a novel concept in these liberal knee-jerk times.

(WTOP | Hallie Mellendorf) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan posted a video to his social media accounts Friday calling for longer mandatory minimums for gun offenders.

Hogan called on members of the Maryland General Assembly to pass his Repeat Firearms Offender Act, which would impose stricter penalties on offenders who use guns to commit violent crime.

The law would elevate use of a firearm during a violent crime from a misdemeanor to a felony, and raise the mandatory minimum sentence for a second offense from five years to 10.

“This senseless violence must stop,” Hogan wrote on social media. “We’re talking about taking our communities back and saving lives.”

Hogan’s renewed calls to action come just one day after a sergeant with the Baltimore police department was critically injured after being shot outside his home. ....continues.

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