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Deep State Boogaloo — Probe clears pro-Trump Pentagon analyst, report withheld from defense team

(The Washington Times | Rowan Scarborough) — A confidential counterintelligence investigation cleared suspended Pentagon analyst Adam S. Lovingeron allegations of leaking data to the news media, but officials never told his defense team.

Poll: Republican Voters Support Gun Rights over Gun Control Nearly 3 to 1

While Republican leaders such as Sen. Majority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are giving ground on more gun laws, Republican voters support gun rights over gun control by a margin of nearly 3 to 1. ...continues.

Trump Green Card Rule: Three Lefty Lies Debunked

(American Spectator | David Catron) — It has long since become commonplace for the Democrats and the media to misrepresent any and all policies proposed by the Trump administration, but the blizzard of balderdash that greeted the so-called “green card rule” has been over the top even by left-wing standards.

It's Broken. Should be 5/5 — Report: Amazon's Facial Recognition System Identifies 1 in 5 California Lawmakers as Criminals

"According to a test by the ACLU, Amazon's facial recognition system incorrectly identified one in five California lawmakers were incorrectly identified as criminals by the software."

Conceptual Malpractice — California BOE Reverses Ill-Conceived Anti-Semitic Curriculum

(The Washington Times) — The California State Board of Education has decided to scrap a proposed ethnic-studies curriculum after a groundswell of opposition over the draft's allegedly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content.

Common Sense Win — After shooting of Baltimore cop, Gov. Hogan calls for longer mandatory minimums

Don't prosecute the gun, prosecute and bury the shooter. Personal responsibility and accountability, what a novel concept in these liberal knee-jerk times.

(WTOP | Hallie Mellendorf) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan posted a video to his social media accounts Friday calling for longer mandatory minimums for gun offenders.

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