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New Black Panthers Rally at St. Louis County Courthouse Over #MichaelBrown Killing

Eric Holder and Barack Obama need to man up, do what is honorable for the entire country and end this divisive BS. Neither of these gentleman work to heal this nation, in fact, are fostering, fomenting just the opposite. With that said,

we are not siding with the police who consistently overreact with excessive or deadly force towards law abiding Americans in general, black, white or otherwise. To which, the police in this country as a whole are out of control, working in a vacuum, disconnected from their communities, assuming and conjuring imagined threats, they in some cases create or foster.

The New Black Panther Party are nothing more than a group of race baiters out to create further division, to incite racial divide. Its protectorate, Eric Holder need to nip it in the bud.

This from Jim Holt at the Gateway Pundit:

The New Black Panther Party called for a protest Tuesday at the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office in Clayton, Missouri.
new black panthers

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