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He Walks In Fear

Adrian Vance - IPatriot.com

Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III decided it is worth endangering the lives of American intelligence officers and CIA overseas agents, as long it helps frame President Donald Trump in his “Russia Russia Russia” quest for a crime.

The fact no crime existed should have prevented the Mueller led effort to find one per the law defining the action. By Federal law, the Mueller investigation is illegal, but billions, if not trillions of Dollars of concern ignored that fact.  Why should this be?

  1. B. S. Mueller issued indictments on 12 Russian military intelligence officers for petty crimes related to the 2016 election. The charge is so poorly drawn he does not even have real names for the accused! It is normal for intelligence officers to use false names in their work as part of their “deep cover.”  This is vintage Robert Swan Mueller III, a man without a compass and a deeply stained career.

The reciprocity code in spydom says that by indicting 12 Russian intelligence officers, Mueller gives Vladimir Putin license to nail 12 of our intelligence officers in Russia.  Be sure, he will.  While Mueller’s indictments are insignificant what happens to our people will not be.  Russians play very “hardball.”

In his first case as a Federal Prosecutor, B. S. Mueller III prosecuted 18 San Francisco Hells Angels drug runners in 1979, a “slam-dunk” case, but lost 13 convictions due to his fumbles.  All five of his convictions were overturned on appeal.  11 were re-tried by Mueller’s replacement Prosecutor but all ended in mistrial so badly had Mueller prepared the cases. ... Read the rest here.

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