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Speed camera will catch drivers on phones from over half a mile away

sei 40101736 b5bfMetro.co.uk: 

Britain’s biggest speed camera can catch drivers using their phones from 1,000 metres away.


The massive speed trap is being called ‘The Long Ranger’ and has just been unveiled by police in Gloucester. While normal speed guns only detect how fast cars are moving, this new camera can produce clear video footage and photographs of drivers in their cars.

Gloucestershire’s police chief Martin Surl showcased the camera at the launch of their pilot project Operation Indemnis.


The project takes a new ‘collaborative approach’ to policing the A417 and A419 – a major route linking Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, as well as the M4 and M5. At peak times, it carries an estimated 35,000 vehicles and has become an accident hotspot.


Officers will use the long-distance camera and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to check what vehicles are on the road and how they are being driven. ...

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