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Ask a nonsensical question expose your stupid

The entire climate change, global warming, climate emergency narrative is a social-engineering income redistribution scam with no basis in science or common sense. It's all nonsensical junk science and media hyperbole emboldening ignorant politicians with enough fodder to instill fear and to exact control over communities. One would hope for the day climate alarmism lays exposed as the grift it has become. Amazing that so many self-labeled intelligent people irresponsibly continue to peddle an unprovable far-fetched hypothesis. Then again we are talking about the media echo chamber here with a combined IQ of seventy-five and no hope for an epiphany.

From the New York Post:

Vice President Mike Pence won’t say whether climate change is a threat to the United States.

On Sunday the vice president sat down with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”


Tapper pointed to an assessment made by the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats in January that said climate change was “likely to fuel competition for resources, economic distress and social discontent through 2019 and beyond.”


Tapper also noted how the Trump administration this week rolled back Obama-era regulations on coal.


Tapper asked the vice president if he thought a “human-induced climate emergency” was a threat to the United States.


“Well, what I will tell you is that we’ll always follow the science on that in this administration,” Pence replied.


“The science says it is,” Tapper shot back.


Pence said that President Obama’s Clean Power Plan “was hamstringing energy in this country” and “raising the cost of the utility rates for working families.” ...

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