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Eroding Science, Fading Minds — L. A. Times hypes coastal cliff erosion 9+ centuries into the future at existing sea level rise rates

(Watts Up With That | Larry Hamlin) — The L. A. Times takes despicable propaganda advantage of the recent and tragic Encinitas bluff collapse to hype future bluff erosion impacts from 2-meter sea-level rise increases that would in fact take over 9+ centuries to occur at existing NOAA tide gauge coastal sea level rise measurement rates.


The Times article notes:

“The sea is rising higher and faster in California — a reality more officials are now confronting. Just last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that amended the state’s Coastal Act to say that sea-level rise is no longer a question but a fact.

“With sea-level rise, there’s no doubt that we’ll see more cliff failures along the coast,” said Patrick Barnard, research director of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Climate Impacts and Coastal Processes Team.”

The “bill” referred to in the Times article simply adds the words “sea-level rise” to the list of issues to be considered for coastal planning contained in Section 300006.5 of the Public Resources Code. 

The Times article grossly mischaracterizes and misrepresents the issue of coastal sea level rise by claiming that this change means “that sea-level rise is no longer a question but a fact.”

Either this Times reporter is incredibly incompetent or she is being incredibly devious and disingenuous in trying to frame the issue as being whether sea-level rise is occurring on California coastal regions or not. ...continues.

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