A Rock Solid Tribute to Our Military this Memorial Day

Ray 'Bubba" Sorensen is a talented artist and student at Iowa State. Ray is the type of guy that believes doing something is more important than sitting home in front of a game console or complaining that work is too hard or life owes him something. He loves to exercise his gift. Having a talent and natural ability to share his mind's eye with a paintbrush in hand, Ray embarked on a special project in his hometown, sharing his patriotism and love of country with the rest of his community with a brush and a few gallons of paint.


As the story goes, there is a gravel pit that features a huge rock along Rt.25 in Rural Iowa, about 10 feet in height and easily as wide. For years, the immovable fixture had been the backdrop for graffiti ranging from slogans, obscenities, and names of the authors painted layer upon layer upon its surface. It was, to say the least, an eyesore for the community and butt ugly.

Ray, being the creative that he is, seeing the rock as a blank canvas, took some time out of his busy schedule transforming the monstrosity into a fitting tribute to our armed forces. The result was not only impressive and inspiring, the young hooligans that marked up the rock with inane drivel over the years have not returned to mar the monument.

A fine tribute to our fighting men and women, which have sacrificed so much to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

Thank you, Ray, you clearly understand and give us hope that the youth in America ready to stand up and be counted.