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Md., Va. residents deeper in debt than most Americans

The greater the government imposition on the private sector, with laws and favored status for the government class, the greater its rate of inflation and consumer debt. In Maryland an educator or employee of the public school system is provided free college tuition for all their children. Tuition rates for the rest of the student body must make up that difference. Maryland is a government state with 80 percent of its residents either employed or dependent on local, state or federal compensation, gift or graft. Innumerable benefits are bestowed upon government's labor force, its consultants, grifters and grafters, driving the cost-of-living index through the roof in every state where government has become the number one employer or service provider. The Examiner breaks down the numbers...

Residents of Maryland and Virginia are deeper in debt than most of the rest of the nation, a new report shows.

Maryland residents have the nation's highest student loan debt, with Virginia following close behind with the sixth-highest student debt average. The two states are also among the top 10 in credit card and mortgage debt, according to Credit Karma, a consumer credit management company.

Marylanders with outstanding student loan debt carried an average balance of $33,087 in May, compared with the national average of $29,088. Virginia's students and graduates owed an average of $30,855. ...continues...

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