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Media, Progressives Quick to Blame; Effusively Pushing for Rigid Gun Controls

Within hours, following the horrific Colorado theater shooting that killed 12, injuring 58, progressives are just giddy blaming evil conservatives and exploiting the  massacre by a disjointed coward to push gun control.

CNN's Piers Morgan Exploits 'Dark Knight' Massacre To Push Gun Control

Comedian DL Hughley Exploits 'Dark Knight' Massacre to Push Gun Control

Left blames Aurora shooting on Rush Limbaugh

The usual suspects: ABC's Ross, Stephanolpoulos point to Tea Party in Dark Knight shooting

Actor Leguizamo Exploits 'Dark Knight' Murders to Call For Removal of Guns

Michael Moore Calls U.S. 'Violent Nation' in Wake of Shooting

Media Begins Wild Speculation About Motive

MSNBC's Wagner Blames "Culture Of Celebration Of Violence" For Shooting

America’s Wrongest Reporter, ABC News’ Brian Ross, Demonstrates Yet Again How He Earned the Title

Interview With James Michael Holmes, Hispanic Tea Party Member Falsely Accused by ABC

ABC News apologizes for dishonest, er, 'incorrect' tea party report

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg rips Obama and Romney on gun control

Jesse Jackson on "Batman" Massacre: "We Must Move From Prayer & Condolences To Policy"

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