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Exploring A New Beginning... It's Time

Take the time to listen to this post-election rant by Bill Whittle in its entirety. He meanders on a bit here and there but it is worth listening through to the end. Bill may be on to something, a seed of an idea worth exploring, disseminating and discussing. The bottom line is, government has moved beyond repair, we can't fix what's broken. We must look to alternatives using our heads, without resorting to raising arms. It's time to think about what is outside the box government takers have built. Government rife with predators and takers are beyond redemption; an intellectually dishonest, self-serving, uncompromising, morally corrupt impediment to a naturally balanced free-thinking, self-reliant, self-regulating, inclusive, just and 'virtuous' society. An excerpt:

"It's time to stop thinking about winning elections. It's time to stop thinking about Republicans and Democrats and liberals and conservatives. It's time to stop putting money and energy into the government because the government is not the country and the government has never been the country. Ever. This country was founded on the principle of being opposed to a government. So if Barack Obama won control of the government it does not mean he won control of America. He won control of what is preventing us from being America."

 via: American Digest -- (H/T: Maksim)

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