Broken, Racist and Biased -- Twitter Social Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning" Conservative Americans

220px Twitter bird logo 2012.svgWe are posting this Project Veritas video which appeared on our Twitter account earlier today to point out Twitter's wholesale bias. The original post on Twitter was throttled or "Shadow Banned" to a few hundred impressions among our 80K plus followers to keep you in the dark and liberally minded.

It is amazing, progressive pea brains own our government system, academia, media, social media, and now in total control over its sheepish citizenry, too. Free to think and opine is no longer acceptable in the Republic. No surprise though, the constitutional demise at the hands of progressives and socialists has been fomenting for some 100 plus years. Sadly, I believe we can no longer revive the Founder's vision for a free and open constitutionally grounded society.

The original Project Veritas article is here...