But Not Limited to....Liberal Policies Have Failed the People of Baltimore

When was the last time politicians, liberals mostly, honestly built or fixed anything meaningful outside the elitist bubble for the public at large? The Democratic/Progressive experiment is an abject failure without standing in this Constitutional Republic. But, don't hold your breath, your progressive "leaders" will still aspire to become necessary, or more aptly, feudal lords divined to proclaim and edict over the lessers while hoarding the spoils in groomed and polished ivory towers snorting Peruvian flake as (Insert your city, town, county, state here) becomes a police state, for your safety.

(The Heritage Foundation) — Liberal policies have failed the people of Baltimore and inner cities everywhere. Even Bernie Sanders called Baltimore a Third World country when he visited in 2015.


Baltimore’s poverty rate is nearly double the national rate and Baltimore’s schools rank among the lowest-performing in the entire state. Baltimore’s homicide rate outpaced all major cities in 2017, and in 2018, the city had the highest crime rate out of the 30 largest cities in America.


For decades, politicians have promised urban communities they would make it better. Instead, they deliver policies that increase crime, lower education standards, and make it harder to get jobs. Let’s end the political partisanship, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.