Infringe and the backlash will be profound — Ivanka Trump quietly pushing for gun control legislation

Emotionally charged knee-jerk solutions never work as intended and ultimately, do nothing to solve the historical problem of mental defect and derangement. 

(Washington Examiner) — Ivanka Trump is pushing for new gun control legislation in the aftermath of the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, earlier this month.

The mass shootings that left over 30 people dead have jumpstarted the debate for additional gun control measures.

Last week, Ivanka Trump spoke with West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin to hear about the background check bill he proposed back in 2013 with Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey. The bill, which was originally introduced after the Sandy Hook shooting, would force background checks for nearly all commercial gun sales, but there are obstacles in the way of its passing. ....continues.