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Arrogance and Stupidity Results in Legal Action against Hampstead Township

The owner of the Oakmont Green Golf Course in Hampstead obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against the Town of Hampstead in the Circuit Court for Carroll County this week. The lawsuit originates out of threatened efforts by the Town to exercise its power of eminent domain (condemnation) to take one of the golf course's private irrigation wells for use in the municipal water system.

How to Rule, When? That is the Question

This week, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners have put before the voters, a proposal for Code Home Rule.  They will hold a series of community meetings to gauge citizen reaction, afterwards, it will be decided, whether to place the question for Code Home Rule on the ballot in November.

Whatever side you are on concerning Code Home Rule, the issue can wait until after the fall

Petition for reduction of property taxes

About seven years ago, the three member--two Democrats, one Republican--Maryland State Public Works Board, in their infinite wisdom, determined that property assessments were to low based on the overvaluing 

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County needs to do more to spend less

This week the Commissioners took the initiative to get out in front of the looming financial meltdown currently fomenting in the state.

The Commissioners have imposed a hiring freeze and travel restrictions for county

O'Malley Should be Removed from Office for Cause

Harford Senator Barry Glassman (R-35) receives the Carroll Standard ‘People's Awareness Award' for being the State's first and only politician to understand and fight for a rollback in property assessments that is due and owing to his constituency.

Obama Surrogates Paint the Town

For those of you who missed it, a firestorm recently erupted when the owners of the Colony South hotel in Southern Md erected a lone 2'x8' McCain-Palin sign on their property. Never mind that in the past, the same property had been adorned with campaign signs of numerous candidates, both Democrat and Republican. None of that mattered now. Within hours of the
signs appearance, the hotel began receiving frantic telephone calls and email messages demanding that it be taken down.

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