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Will the Blogosphere Become the New Media?

As some bloggers revel in print media's disintegration into unconsciousness, a few in the blogosphere are under the misguided impression that they are becoming the new media.

The truth of the matter is that without print media, some bloggers would be without the fodder they rely on that makes them think they are successful or influential bloggers. The fly by night news and delusional quack blogs that think they are contributing to the overall conversation are in fact self-delusional plagiarists without an original thought in their over stretched ego's.

Public Complacent, Taxpayer Advocates Silent; Democrats Jubilant, Tax Theft Continues

Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes."

That is, one incontrovertible truth in life is taxes and more than likely, we will die worrying over the debt owed in service to the tax gods. It is one of those unpleasant facts, which most unquestioningly accept and reluctantly contribute. If we held a tea party, we would be fined (a tax) for polluting the harbor by the greenie weenies.

Part II: Taxpayer Advocates Silent, Democrats Jubilant, Tax Theft Continues

In a perfect world, it would be grand if we could sell our homes at current values assessed by the mortgage banks or by local tax assessors ending in 2006. In the real world however, in this depressed market, the value of most everyone's home falls somewhere near 2002 levels. Caught between inflated value and actual value,

The UAW Needs to Fold up its Tent for the Good of the Nation

Every automotive manufacturing company in the world is going through a contraction. The Japanese, Germans, the Swiss, the French, and others all suffer from the same problem, a severe reduction in auto sales. The economy is in the tank, consumers have stopped consuming. On average, manufacturers have seen a 40 percent retraction, with Ford actually coming in at the low end of 30 percent.

Take Your Money to the Bank, Locally, Out of TARP Banks Globally

In every State and in almost every county or city in the US, there are hometown banks owned and operated by Americans that have not used taxpayer, TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout money.

Carroll County residents have the opportunity to utilize two locally owned banks, New Windsor State Bank and Sykesville Savings, that they can patronize, which have not taken TARP monies as of yet. Both rely on community patronage and have conservative portfolios that generally

Democratic Double Standards Show in Confirmation Hearings

It never ceases to amaze. During the Bush presidency, during every confirmation hearing or congressional hearing, liberals scrutinized and grilled appointees to the point of ad nauseam. No stone remained unturned; no minor indiscretion allowed unexposed. Everything was to be considered very, very serious.

It did not matter that an 'honest mistake' was insignificant, it had disqualification implications, and not a conservative choice was exempt. Liberals derided candidates in hearings and brought in the willing press

The Most Asinine Comments Ever Uttered by Martin O'Malley

Actually, the Governor has an entire notebook full, but this is over the top. The governor is either taking psychotropic drugs or Al Gore's psychoactive Kool-Aid mix has seeped into the states water supply. Regardless, the green initiative has brought out the most ludicrous statements ever delivered by the Free State's moonbat governor.

Fundamentally, the whole Climate change myth has been debunked, but the alarmists still persist, and O'Malley and his ilk

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