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Crime and Punishment

Obama Presidential Library could force South Side Chicago residents from neighborhood

It's never a good idea to erect an edifice to a marginally historic public servant devoid of legacy on public land the citizenry does not want, need, or benefit.

George Washington Mural Gets A Public Viewing Before Internment

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — More than 100 people walked through the halls of Washington High School Thursday to view the controversial murals that the San Francisco Unified School District board recently voted to cover up.

Devin Nunes: James Comey having mismarked 'secret' memo at home was illegal

Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said one particular memo that former FBI Director James Comey gave to agents one month after being fired should never have made it to his house.

Obama Leftover -- Top Government Media Network Official, Author of “Vying for Allah’s Vote,” Guilty of Stealing $40,000

(Judicial Watch) In the latest scandal to rock the U.S. government’s international media networks, the Obama-appointed chief’s right-hand man has pleaded guilty to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the government.

Dominos -- Hillary Clinton emails mishandled by 15 State Department employees, review finds

(Stephen Dinan |The Washington Times)  At least 15 people broke State Department rules in mishandling former Secretary Hillary Clinton's emails, the department said in a review released publicly Monday.

Read the Redacted Mueller Report Here

The $35 million, two and a half year liberal Russian collusion imbroglio has concluded and the redacted Mueller report is available here for your perusal and entertainment. Can we now take a deep dive into who perpetuated this fraud to foment a constitutional crisis and hold the political and media subversives accountable?

OIG report on FBI/DOJ mishandling of Hillary Clinton email case

1 64098066c5If Mueller actually conducted an honest non-partisan investigation into collision the entire Obama/Clinton/Democratic Party cabal and their justice department cohorts would be indicted. Bagged, tagged and locked away. Unfortunately, Mueller has not connected the dots before him and may be seen as part of the distraction. Nonetheless, deep state players, et al are doing the American people wrong.

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