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Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds lame-duck law from GOP lawmakers limiting power of new Democratic governor

(TheHill | John Bowden) Wisconsin's Supreme Court ruled Friday that a set of laws passed by the state's Republican majority and signed by outgoing GOP Gov. Scott Walker last year were passed legally under the state's constitution.

State Republicans sparked controversy by passing a set of laws aimed at limiting the power of newly-elected Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.  

The Associated Press reported that the court ruled against Democrats who argued that the legislature convened illegally and passed the laws outside of normal session, finding that lawmakers in the state have the authority to choose when to meet.

Some of the laws are still under challenge in federal court, while others are pending on the merits of the laws themselves before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“The terminology the Legislature chooses to accomplish the legislative process is squarely the prerogative of the Legislature,” wrote the court's conservative majority, according to the AP.

Evers called the court's ruling “all too predictable.”

“It is based on a desired political outcome, not the plain meaning and text of the constitution,” Evers said, according to the AP. ... Continued.

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