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Crime and Punishment

Forget real work choose public service replete with tax funded perks to live the one percenter life

Eric-Holder.jpg(The Daily Caller) On a pleasant Saturday this summer, Eric Holder, his daughters, their boyfriends and two security officers boarded a government-owned Gulfstream and jetted off to New York for the Belmont Stakes Thoroughbred horse race.

DHS broke law in releasing hundreds of criminal aliens: Audit

**FILE** Illegal immigrants file into a U.S. Border Patrol facility in Tucson, Ariz. (Associated Press)
(The Washington Times) The Obama administration broke the law when it released thousands of illegal immigrants, more than 600 of whom had criminal records, last February as a result of poor planning and micromanagement from Washington, according to an internal audit released Tuesday that says things have not improved in the 18 months since.

Emails Reveal IRS and Holder's Justice Department Collaborated in Scheme to Prosecute Tea Party Patriots

The Washington Times:

IRS emails released Wednesday show that just before the tea party targeting scandal was revealed last year, Lois G. Lerner and her colleagues at the tax agency were talking with the Justice Department about making examples out of nonprofit groups that they felt were violating campaign laws by playing political roles.

Rory "Fredo Jr." Reid: Rancher Cliven Bundy "Should Be Prosecuted"

Via Real Clear Politics:

RORY REID, SON OF SEN. HARRY REID: We believe in a country in which we are subject to laws and you can’t just ignore the laws we don’t like. I think clearly if state and local prosecutors look at this more closely, they’re going to find that he broke the law and he should be prosecuted.


REID: He is not a victim and he’s not a hero. He’s been using that he doesn’t own for over 20 years and he didn’t pay. He broke the law. There are hundreds of ranchers throughout Nevada that conduct their profession honorably. There’s thousands of them throughout the country and when they have a dispute with the BLM they try to work it out. (source: KSVN-TV)

This coming from the guy that changed or modified the zoning laws as a county commissioner, which gives the Chinese an opening to build a solar farm on public owned land, which by the way, he negotiated as a lobbyist. Meanwhile, an American rancher is forced to change his grazing practices to protect an endangered turtle -- moved from the solar site to the land area adjoining the Bundy ranch -- because the rule of law is constantly changing, manipulated by corrupt lifetime office holders allowing the likes Harry Reid to leverage taxpayer public owned land into a personal fortune.

19 bodies hung from bridge or hacked up in Mexico gang feud

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican police found nine bodies hanging from an overpass Thursday alongside a drug cartel banner threatening rivals, and seven more corpses hacked up and dumped by the road nearby. Just down the road were three more bodies, for a total of 19.

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