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Baltimore County to hire private attorneys to defend itself in lawsuit over UMBC students' sex assault claims

Baltimore Sun: 

Baltimore County government is poised to pay a private law firm up to $600,000 to help defend the county against a federal class-action lawsuit that claims police failed to properly investigate sexual assaults involving students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

County officials...

Maryland AG asks court to replace Whitaker with Rosenstein as acting AG

Allowing the AG unlimited latitude in playing partisan politics on a national stage, without oversight or prompt, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars yearly, is an unseemly practice the legislature must reign in. The waste of time and resources on petty and mostly unwinnable dalliances in partisan agitprop sidestepping legislative purview does nothing for the safety and welfare of Maryland taxpayers. Maryland's AG was not elected to litigate in favor of a liberal nationalist agenda.

From The Hill: 

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh asked a federal district court on Tuesday to block Matthew Whitaker from serving as acting attorney general and to name Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in his place. 

The more things change less, the less things change at all -- ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’: Re-election confirms approach, Md. governor says

Still taking baby-steps in a liberal minefield -- ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’: Re-election confirms approach, Md. governor says

Even before he walked into the Governor’s Reception Room in Maryland’s State House, staff members and supporters were on their feet, giving Republican Larry Hogan a standing ovation.

Supreme Court takes case of Maryland war memorial shaped like cross

Elizabeth Zwirz | Fox News

The case regarding whether or not a Maryland war memorial in the shape of a cross goes against a separation of church and state was accepted for final review by Supreme Court justices on Friday.

Three-Judge Panel Rules Gerrymandered Maryland Congressional District Map Unconstitutional, Orders Do Over for 2020

bs md maryland house district gerrymandering 20181107

From the Baltimore Sun...

A three-judge federal court panel ruled Wednesday that the state unconstitutionally drew the boundary lines for Maryland’s 6th congressional district to benefit Democrats, and banned the state from using that map in elections moving forward.

Eliminating the root cause of Baltimore and Maryland violence and demoralization: Fatherlessness

Maryland Reporter | Opinion By Tyrone Keys and Richard E. Vatz

Maryland and Baltimore have a terrible problem of violence and intimidation, and their root cause is not drugs, police corruption and incompetence or poverty.

Ben is Jealous -- Hogan Plus 20

Small consolation for conservatives in Maryland though, the legislature and judiciary are wholly controlled by the extreme left. Albeit, Hogan has done some good work, he is an anomaly. He runs deftly down the middle. Maryland will never be balanced until the legislature itself becomes less liberal totalitarian. More, I don't know, representative. Maybe States should adopt an Electoral College process on a state level to prevent hellholes like Baltimore City, Chicago, New York, or LA and overpopulated sanctuary counties from swaying elections with stupid like Cuomo, that idiot in California or the socialist that may destroy Florida in the near future. Just maybe, almost every state in the republic could see a conservative Governor. Even in the bluest of states. 

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