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Well, that is peculiar

lhuivrgvrtvRHHOddities and endless stupidity making the news.

Video: Liberal throws tantrum over her Lyft driver’s hula doll -- http://redalert.io/2bPCb90

DC Cops Drop Littering Ticket —for Toddler -- http://www.newser.com/s230582

Did not see it coming: Decomposing body of famed astrologer shot in the head found in Cancún -- http://fxn.ws/2cfAO74


rtkjtkdsjmcnjtyCops: Photos of boy with passed-out adults show drug scourge  http://apne.ws/2ckgkt9

FBI: Man Said He Robbed Bank to Escape Living with His Wife --  http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/09/08/man-robbed-bank-escape-living-his-wife

Pennsylvania professor goes on hunger strike over tenure denial -- http://fxn.ws/2bSMgBM

Cafe owner causes controversy with 'upsetting' comments on gluten-free food -- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/05/cafe-owner-causes-controversy-with-upsetting-comments-on-gluten/

The Vermont Collective: Department of Public Service asks public to cut standard of living -- https://shar.es/1wlJFv

Dog Finds Family After Over 6 Mile Swim, 12-mile Walk -- https://youtu.be/mnFZd7i_1KE

UMass RA's rail against 'crude' Harambe references http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8095

Ohio college opens entirely gluten-free dining hall -- http://apne.ws/2c8rEb5

“And what is Aleppo?” Gary Johnson stumped on Syria question, says he 'blanked' -- http://fxn.ws/2cFsGNx

A Texas driver managed to escape uninjured from a car dangling off a parking garage in Austin -- pic.twitter.com/XdY4EpGUB3

Dozens of birds fall from sky; officials want to know why -- http://apne.ws/2cgekRP

Rutgers law professors say a morally just world would have no pets, no aquaria, no zoos. No fields of sheep, no barns of cows. Why keeping a pet is fundamentally unethical – https://aeon.co/essays/why-keeping-a-pet-is-fundamentally-unethical

Filmmaker jailed after attack blamed for Benghazi now lives in poverty, fear -- http://fxn.ws/2cjvXyt

Bubble wrap likely cause of shots-fired scare at a Philadelphia area military academy: police - http://go.shr.lc/2cGlWNq

A woman in a burkaUK police may let Muslims wear burka as uniform http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-muslims-wear-burka-uniform-8798237


ISIS bans the BURKA after 'veiled female' kills two terrorist commanders in Iraq http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/isis-bans-burka-after-veiled-8777819













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