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Councils, Collaborators, and connected Cronies; The Intrusion of Doug Howard’s Vision 2030 Workgroup

Once upon a time there was a Maryland county whose inhabitants knew that governing in America is done by ongoing informed consent of the People. But while they were busy working and playing, a disguised intruder (Doug Howard) crept in, offering a "simpler" solution:

  • Rather than troubling themselves with the details of governing, why not let their County adopt the intruder’s ready-made package of ideas? He and his collaborators could be made advisors (Council) to the elected Board of Commissioners, and be given the official title of "Council of Carroll 2030 and Beyond."

Assuming the intruder (Doug Howard) had their best interests at heart, the citizens didn't think about the Founders' warnings to guard their representative Republic.

Over time the citizens saw more commercial building, new mixed high-density housing, public transport bringing people from the Big City, unionized fire halls and schools, and much higher taxes. Commiserating and complaining, they tried to find who could fix this and return their bucolic communities. But to their surprise and dismay, their "commissioner county" had gotten a new kind of government—one of Councils, Collaborators, and connected Cronies.

On Dec. 11, 2014 Mr. Doug Howard presented a 2030 packet to the Board of Commissioners containing a “draft By Laws” document requesting that the Board approve Carroll 2030 as an official “Council” with some stunning powers. Did you know about that?  It is up to We the People to protect our representative Republic from sneaky tactics such as this.  We must prohibit stealthy intrusions contrary to our written law.  Don’t let deceitful plans destroy your rights. Be reminded of your lawful rights:

MD Constitution, Declaration of Rights, Preamble and Articles 1 & 7:

We, the People of the State of Maryland … declare:

  • That all Government of right originates from the People, is founded in compact only [written law]
  • That the right of the People to participate in the Legislature [lawmaking] is the best security of liberty and the foundation of all free Government

Keep  your Carroll County government operating in accordance with the Maryland Constitution and State law. Contact the Board of Commissioners and tell them to vote No on Commissioner Howard’s proposed “2030 Council.” Protect Carroll County’s future!

Cathey Allison, Eldersburg, Maryland

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