Last updateThu, 25 Feb 2021 12pm
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Minorities Don’t Believe Trump Is a Racist

(American Greatness | Adam Mill) — Led by the queen bee New York Times, where the woke clichés are endless, the hive of drone-level leftists in the media and the Democratic Party are easily pivoting from the Russian collusion hoax to the next one: “white supremacism!”

As normal people try to evaluate this latest round of charges, it’s worth remembering one critical and universal characteristic shared by genuine white supremacists: They proudly proclaim their beliefs; they aren’t shy about them.

A political enemy should never be deemed a reliable authority about whether his opponent subscribes to noxious bigotry. One can hardly claim that Elizabeth Warren (to give just one example) is speaking from personal knowledge when she assigns the president the “white supremacist” label. Warren has a bad track record as an honest broker of race issues. She famously and unsuccessfully sought to enlist Native American outrage over Trump nicknaming her “Pocahontas,” as he jeered at her false claims of Cherokee ancestry. ...continues.

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