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It's Constitution Day, do you know where your rights are?

constitution day 9172014It is Constitution day and it is appropriate We the People remind elected representatives and the government class in general, the Constitution and Bill of Rights belongs to the People, not to the political-government-class, the corporate class, or self-anointed alarmists. 

From the president down to the cop on the beat and teacher in the classroom, each and every one, employees of the people; elected, appointed, contracted or unionized to honorably serve the people no matter what your personal or collective beliefs.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Not anywhere in the 4,500-word document does it lay out a route for experimenting with progressivism, socialism, whatever ism, personal feelings, or for an overbearing government controlling or molding the people into a single warped mindset. 

The hard truth is, the People are not obligated to cater, bow or acquiesce to anyone; no matter how self-righteous a group or individual feels or believes things should be. How one identifies, culturally, religiously or personally is an individual right and not the role of government, group or individual to force predilections and beliefs on the rest of society.

The beauty of the Constitution is to allow everyone to practice what they will, in their personal way, without imposing those beliefs on your neighbors or demand from government to impose your ill-conceived great ideas or warped views on the rest of the country. Pretty simple really.


We the People want the country back, we want the Constitution back, honored and followed accordingly by the political class, the self-righteous, and the courts. It really isn't all that complicated. Is it?

Read, learn and teach the Constitution here, the Bill of Rights here, and the Federalist Papers here.

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