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It's Constitution Day - Educate the Youngsters and Help Nullify A Democrat's Predilection for Isms

constitution dayIt's all about the Constitution baby. Today is the 231st anniversary of the 1787 signing of our Constitution at the Philadelphia Convention. 

We the people!

There is no liberalism, nationalism, progressivism, socialism, communism or whatever Ism practiced here. We are not a constitutional Ism on any level. Our Constitutional Republic is not a democracy or government top-down system. Not even close by design, want or misguided feeling. 

We are a representative government of, for and by the people. Period.

The beauty of a republican form of government is to pursue whatever dream you have, follow whatever religion you prescribe, swallow whatever Ism you choose, and always remain free to express your ignorance. The overriding fact, however, is no matter how we identify, we as individuals or by faction, you, they, nor anyone has a right to impose or demand its will or Ism on the rest of the country.

Educate yourself and tell the wannabe despots and pissants they are free to stuff it in a hole of their own choosing or free to move to a country which reflects the warped ideology they desire and whine away.

We could use your help!

Your contribution is appreciated, if only a couple of bucks, the cost of countering the liberal media is arduous and costly.


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