Last updateThu, 25 Feb 2021 12pm
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Social Media sites have all but shut down conservative voices across the web

The resistance is working overtime to shut down your voice. All over the web so-called social media and search engine platforms have throttled or shadow-banned Americans from participating in the midterm election in any fair or meaningful way. They worked it in the last cycle and blamed it on the Russians.

Liberal echo chambers, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, among others, have all but shut down, throttled or shadow-banned the majority of Americans. The year's long practice has intensified in the last two weeks essentially bringing conservative thought and momentum to a screeching halt. 

The FEC and the U.S. Attorney General must hear your complaint about Silicon Valley's wholesale interference in this election and its in-kind contributions to the DNC. It's criminal. It was never the Russians. Social media and search engine sites have become, for all intent and purpose, liberal vacuums of sycophancy.

The entire online election process, from voice to the ballot are algorithms steering everyone in one singular direction. No debate, rebuke or a fair exchange. There can only be "approved content" expertly channeled for the masses to absorb on the free and open web. This is what a liberal democracy looks like.

We could use your help!

Your contribution is appreciated, if only a couple of bucks, the cost of countering the liberal media is arduous and costly.


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