Standard Retort

The Twitter Limits - The Mission of a Liberal Echo Chamber

downloadTwitter's undocumented mission statement:

“There is nothing wrong with your idiot box. Do not attempt to circumvent the controls. You are in no position to object. Your betters are controlling the narrative. If Jack wishes to make it louder, we will increase the rhetoric. If echo chamber snowflakes wish to make cognitive thought disappear, we will tune it out altogether. We will shadowban and throttle users at our handlers pleasure. We will control the hyperbole. We will control vocabulary and determine context. We can scroll the image, make it flutter, twist it beyond recognition. We can demand conformity, we can deny debate at will.  We can change the rules to suit or disavow them outright. For the next millennia, sit quietly without a tweep and we will control all that you see and hear on this platform. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your device. You are about to participate in a misguided social engineering adventure. You are about to experience the void of reason, the absence of logic, and a dearth of free will which reaches from the inner liberal mind to – The Twitter Limits.”