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Chronicles of Stupid - Things Idiots Say or Convey; Vol 1118

DtI1wZkVAAAJQekWe are surrounded by stupidity. It's everywhere. It pervades Hollywood, New York, Florida and it's entrenched in the D.C. quagmire. Found in every State in the Republic, stupid is both encouraged and rewarded. Stupid flourishes throughout the media and festers in the political swamp. Speaking stupid is fostered by self-important silver-spoons and proliferates among those blue check morons on the social chatterboxes. 

There's no escaping the idiocracy. Fools, tools, and children too, are popping up all over the country, prostituted by media and elites for that 15 minutes of fame. Or is it for shame? It seems to be resonating though, as voters keep electing the village idiot, over and over again. Intellectually stunted talking heads and journalists continue apace parroting a scripted narrative without regard to facts. Viewers and readers stay transfixed with rapt attention.

And, well there's Hollywood and its dwindling talent pool. A vacuum of self-important low-EQ adolescents with too much idle time lamenting lost relevance and no prospects. No one is listening. 

Ironically, historically, creatives have always been willing pawns in promoting and echoing the need and want of the State or ruling class. Without fail, as the State turns that corner towards a collective Ism and their usefulness exhausted, they find themselves banished from the hive or shipped off to the gulag or worse, Conformity rewarded, resistance a career killer. They will never learn. Stupid.

What's most baffling with this lot of intellectual giants is that most are graduates of some of the supposedly finest universities in the country. Now, these opportunistic asshats are either just unconscionably playing stupid for attention from their pliable dumbed down audience and base--facts and honesty are just too hard, memories short, power is supreme, damn the consequences--or mostly, they are just this stupid.

So much stupid, so much intellectual dishonesty, it's overwhelming. Damn unconscionable for that matter, power-hungry social-engineering moonbats diminishing a generation to a hive-mind, questioning nothing and challenging less. Nothing more than drones and lemmings.

The sad part of all this nonsense would be the lost opportunity for every American to excel and compete in an open and fair environment which can only be found in what's left of this Constitutional Republic. Elites playing power games for fun or profit have effectively created a third world caste system. Ninety-nine percent of the population are just pawns on a game board designed for and by self-indulgent elites.

Anyway, enough babbling here. We may make this a regular compilation of quotes and links without the meandering preamble but with plenty of comment and a belly laugh or two, or three. 

Let's begin with a Ben Garrison cartoon depicting the poster child for stupid.

ocasio cortez chocolate factory cartoon

 "Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the laws and do you see any parallels [with the KKK]?" — Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. Read more here

Swalwell Warns Gun Owners: Government Could Nuke Them If They Don’t Comply With Potential Gun Ban

 Jim Carrey Accuses President Donald Trump of ‘Manslaughter’

“As the California death toll rises our Sadist-in-Chief is spending $220 million to send troops to the border for nothing. That’s one way to get rid of Democrats. This is no longer politics. This is manslaughter,” the actor wrote on Twitter on Thursday. 

John Lewis joins Ocasio-Cortez on climate change push

Stupid and stupider.

Matthews: Trump 'Taking Us Back' to Level of Zimbabwe

“I was reading about Zimbabwe today, and I’ve been to Zimbabwe. I know it’s a young country with all kinds of problems. … He is taking us back to where they are, where all the opposition does is say that people who win elections are crooked, that everything’s rigged, everything — nothing’s on the level, there’s no such thing as objective truth, everything is tribal, our side is always right, your side’s always wrong.”

Children say the darndest things. 

David Hogg calls for federal tax on gun sales

"Congress ought to create a federal tax on gun sales to fund gun violence research."

From Nancy 'You can read the bill once we pass the bill.' Pelosi.

'I'll Be the People's Speaker'

Democrats: 'Cruel and Unscientific' to Define Legal Sex by Biology

It is "cruel and unscientific" to define a person's legal sex by their biology, says a complaint signed by 98 Democratic House legislators. 

Prof: Nobody in GOP 'more than three handshakes away from a Nazi'

"There's nobody in the contemporary GOP who's more than three handshakes away from a Nazi,” Johnston said, who describes himself as an “advocate of American student activism.”

Pelosi: 'Reverend Sharpton, Thank You for Saving America'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Trump "Practices The Dark Art" Of Ruling By Fear

Texas Board of Education votes to restore Hillary Clinton to history curriculum

Swalwell calls acting AG an 'assassin' hired to 'take out' Mueller probe

April Ryan: Trump Admin Confronts Me Because 'I'm a Black Woman' -- White House Should Pay for My Security

Donny Deutsch (Pronounced do͞oSH): Trump Would 'Call the Military' if He Lost 2020 Re-Election Bid

Dem Rep. Connolly: WH ‘Staged’ Trump's Confrontation With CNN’s Acosta, 'Intern Deliberately Set Up Jim'

Matthews: ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Should Be Banned, Gun Rights Are Not ‘God-Created’

Dems to probe Trump's treatment of CNN, Amazon, Washington Post in triple-threaded abuse-of-power inquiries

Montage: The Worst Of CNN’s Jim Acosta

CNN’s Lemon Dons Tin Foil Hat: White House ‘Staged’ Confrontation Between Intern and Jim Acosta

Fox News Gulps the Stupid

Texas students to be taught slavery played 'central role' in Civil War

CNN's Stelter: Democracy Saved From 'Rotting From Inside' By Ruling

Brown Blames Climate Deniers...

Kerry: ‘People are going to die' due to Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate deal

Jerry Brown: 'In Less Than 5 Years' Even the Worst Climate Change Skeptics 'Are Going to Be Believers'

Steve Schmidt on 'Real Time': Trump Has a 'Fetish for Autocracy,' Compares Present-Day America to 1930s Europe

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