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Hanson: Cosmic Injustice

Politicians ignore felonies in their midst, preferring to hector the misdemeanors of the universe.

American Greatness | Victor Davis Hanson) — One of the weirdest characteristics of our global politicians and moral censors is their preference to voice cosmic justice rather than to address less abstract sin within their own purview or authority. These progressive virtue mongers see themselves as citizens of the world rather than of the United States and thus can impotently theorize about problems elsewhere when they cannot solve those in their own midst.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered

(Jessica Prol Smith) — I’ll never forget the moment I learned we were on lockdown. It was Aug.15, 2012. My frustration mingled with fear. Trapped on the sixth floor, we knew someone had been shot. We knew we couldn’t leave yet. We knew little else.

What Happens When Elitist Democrats Represent Self-Interests — Los Angeles is a “Sh*thole

Maduro Democrats have no shame when power, wealth and control are the objectives and the People are made submissive pawns, demeaned to the end.

Liberal Dark Ages In the Era of Democratic Ruin — California’s Biggest Cities Confront a ‘Defecation Crisis’

(WSJ) — They say there’s a smartphone app for everything, and doubters should know there are now at least two dealing with excrement on the sidewalks of San Francisco.

Truth — It’s Not Gun Problem, It’s A Culture Problem

Republican GOP Gun Control iStock-847506336

USA — (AmmoLand.com) — Dear President Trump/Senators,

The latest mass shootings have brought several things to the fore. America doesn’t have a gun problem we have a people problem…a culture problem. I’m going to put this discussion into two categories – demonizing by name-calling and gun control.

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