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Eugenics Returns

(American Greatness | Thaddeus G. McCotter) -- The horrific recrudescence of European eugenicists marches on like a storm trooper’s hob-nailed boot to crush the inherent beauty and dignity of human life upon the drab gray, pagan altar of their globalist ideology.

Background Checks Violate Property Rights

(The Future of Freedom Foundation | Benedict LaRosa) -- In the early 1990s, I accompanied a friend and his 12-year-old son to a local gun show. My friend wished to purchase a .22 caliber rifle with which to teach his son to shoot safely and effectively. After much browsing, he found one at a reasonable price, one that suited both his needs and those of his son. The seller, a federally licensed firearms dealer, handed my friend an ATF Form 4473 to fill out. When my friend asked him why he had to fill out the form, the dealer answered that he could not purchase the weapon without doing so.

Medicare for All would shutter rural hospitals

(Washington Examiner | Rep. Ron Estes) -- Support for “Medicare for all” — the marketing rebrand of government-run, single-payer healthcare — has become a litmus test for Democratic candidates for president.

Clarence Thomas Benchslaps the Federal Government in a Property Rights Case

(Reason.com | Damon Root) -- Property rights advocates scored a significant victory today when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 1985 precedent which had forced property owners whose land is taken by the government to seek just compensation in state court before they are permitted to file a constitutional case in federal court.

This New York Man Got Arrested After Defending His Own Home

(The Daily Signal | Amy Swearer)  All too often, advocates of strict gun control promise that more complex and convoluted laws will save lives without imposing a serious burden on the right of law-abiding citizens to exercise their constitutional rights.

Vets Who Use Medical Marijuana Shouldn't Have to Give Up Second Amendment Rights

(Reason.com | Ben McDonald) - Despite many states legalizing medical marijuana, the fact that it remains illegal under federal law has forced some U.S. military veterans into a difficult choice. Using the drug to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could cost them their constitutional right to bear arms.

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