House passes stopgap bill with $5B in funding for America's border wall

We'll see how this plays out in the Senate tomorrow. Chucky Schmucky will more than likely obstruct and obfuscate throughout the day to place blame for a shutdown on Trump. From The Hill:  

The House passed a stopgap government-funding measure Thursday night that includes $5.7 billion for President Trump’s wall on the Mexican border and additional security — raising the odds that a shutdown will begin Friday.


Passage of the measure over united Democratic opposition passes the hot potato to the Senate, which is set to consider the bill Friday. The bill is not expected to pass the Senate, where Democrats have rejected money for Trump’s wall.


Parts of the government will shut down on Saturday without a new funding measure.


The bill also includes $8.7 billion in emergency disaster aid. It passed with 217-185 support.


Passage of the bill capped a wild day at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. ...