Last updateThu, 25 Feb 2021 12pm

Infringe much? — Pennsylvania governor signs knee-jerk over-used and abused executive order on gun violence

Governing by fiat is not the way it's supposed to work in a Constitutional Republic. 

HARRISBURG — At the end of a week that saw two mass shootings in Philadelphia, Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order Friday morning intended to reduce gun violence in the state.


The new order requires state agencies to collect more data about gun violence, instructs state police to boost their monitoring of hate groups and white supremacists, and increases efforts to help local police departments respond to threats of mass shootings.


It also increases efforts to promote a program that allows people to send text messages to alert law enforcement to “suspicions of mass shootings,” and creates a council of criminal justice experts and lawmakers to study gun violence and provide policy recommendations. ....continues.


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