Seriously? -- Florida governor hires a rising-sea-level czar

The oceans are not rising and will not as long as the earth rotates at its current rate and our little solar system continues humming along doing what it's doing unimpeded by human gerrymandering. Beaches, shorelines do, however, erode and lose mass. Flordia is basically a sand bar at sea level subject to the whim of tide and storm. Sometimes it gives, sometimes it takes. It's cyclical. Get a damn grip and stop milking taxpayers to foot the bill for an unproven hypothesis, junk science peddlers and kneejerk solutions.  The Hill reports:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Thursday that he was enlisting a chief resilience officer (CRO) to help the state prepare for rising sea levels. 


He chose Dr. Julia Nesheiwat as the CRO. She will work alongside several other state departments and agencies to prepare for sea level rise's environmental, physical and economic impacts, according to a statement from the governor's office


“Developing resilience goals for the state will help to protect our coastal communities and fortify Florida’s pathway to continued prosperity,” DeSantis said in a statement.


“Dr. Nesheiwat’s more than 20 years’ experience operating at the highest levels of government and academia focusing on renewable energy, environmental and critical infrastructure issues make her an excellent choice for this position," he added.


In the statement, DeSantis did not specifically mention climate change, but Nesheiwat did. 


"With 1,350 miles of largely low-lying coastline, the impacts from climate change and sea level rise present a significant challenge," she said. "But with Governor DeSantis’ leadership and vision, Florida will be a leader for the entire country on how best to confront these issues.”


Nesheiwat has worked as the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of State and led operations at the Energy Resources Bureau, according to her resume