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Not only a moron in real life, he also plays one on the idiocracy news channel -- Brian Stelter: Fox News Doesn't Cover Socialism 'Fairly'

(Newsbusters) - After the New York Times spent the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 trashing America and touting Soviet Russia’s liberal values, it should come as no surprise that CNN would follow suit. Sunday, Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter brought on a socialist to explain to his audience why President Trump and Fox News were wrong; the left's embrace of socialism was all about “freedom” and saving America from “dangerous far-right populism.”

Leading up to the segment, Stelter set up the leading question with a chyron on-screen reading, “Does the news media cover socialism fairly?” However, only stills from Fox News were shown.

After the break, Stelter sneered that President Trump’s “media allies” were fear-mongering about socialism:

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