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Animus Media — NYT Pivots Anti-Trump Coverage From Collusion to Racism

So much hate, so little time for tiny minds.

(The Patriot Post | Thomas Gallatin) — New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet made one thing clear in his leaked message to staff at an internal “crisis townhall meeting” last week: The paper will shift its anti-Trump coverage strategy. Baquet acknowledged that the vacuous Trump/Russia collusion story, which the Times had covered “better than anybody else,” didn’t bring about the desired result — President Donald Trump removed from office. So, Baquet noted, it’s time to change the paper’s coverage of Trump to be more focused on him being a racist who is dividing the country.

Of course, to our readers and the majority of conservatives, this news is not surprising at all. It has been evident for decades that the Times has a severe leftist bias, though that reality has certainly become even more pronounced since Trump’s election. However, what is incredible about Baquet’s comments is that he essentially argues the Times’s job is to be the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. ...continues.

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