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Media Confutation

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A Ruling Class Vacuum -- The death of the working class reporter

Journalism is becoming an elite profession—and that’s bad news

(The Journal Blog | Justin Ward) - Back in college, our news writing class was assigned All Over But the Shoutin’, an autobiography by Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Bragg. His was a Horatio Alger story, the journalist version of the American Dream. Bragg managed to make it all the way to the New York Times without ever completing college. He went straight from his high school paper to covering local sports. He kept swimming upstream to bigger and bigger papers, moving from sports to features, and ultimately he landed an assignment as an international correspondent in Haiti for the Times.

Washington Post Hails Professor Who Wants to Expunge 'Hello Ladies and Gentlemen'

To avoid any misunderstanding perhaps this would suffice; Hello ladies, gentleman and those otherwise confused.

(Newsbusters | Tim Graham) - Washington Post contributing columnist Steven Petrow used to write a regular column for the Style section called "Civilities"  (even as he supported manner-shredders like Dan Savage) to explain the LGBTQ Revolution in all of its linguistic permutations. On Saturday, that exercise returned in a book review touting "A necessary guide to gender inclusivity."

Social Engineer Much: Florida news outlets partnering for climate change reporting

When a collective of supposedly independent news outlets teams up to peddle a convoluted global warming narrative devoid of science or common sense, media becomes nothing more than a propaganda tool of the ruling class. 

Google Staff Considered Burying GOP Media

The Daily Caller | Peter Hasson -- Google employees debated whether to bury conservative media outlets in the company’s search function as a response to President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, internal Google communications obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveal. ...

The lowest common denominator in media goes lower

Lemon is that delusional spineless jellyfish left hyperventilating on the beach babbling something about still being relevant as the tide rolls out one more time on simpleton island.

CNN's Lemon doubles down: 'Evidence is overwhelming' that white men are 'biggest terror threat'

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