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Just a Thought: The More You Read the Thinker You Get -- Vol. 121801

Health Care Ate America | Reason.com by Peter Suderman | In 1960, six years before the start of Medicare and Medicaid, America spent about $27 billion on health care. That figure represented just under 5 percent of an economy that was about $543 billion in total. By 2016, combined public and private spending on health care had reached more than $3.3 trillion, or nearly 18 percent of the total economy, with almost half the bill paid by government. Now, thanks to factors such as increased drug prices and an aging population, official projections have health care spending increasing indefinitely. ...

Broken, Racist and Biased -- Twitter Social Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning" Conservative Americans

220px Twitter bird logo 2012.svgWe are posting this Project Veritas video which appeared on our Twitter account earlier today to point out Twitter's wholesale bias. The original post on Twitter was throttled or "Shadow Banned" to a few hundred impressions among our 80K plus followers to keep you in the dark and liberally minded.

It is amazing, progressive pea brains own our government system, academia, media, social media, and now in total control over its sheepish citizenry, too. Free to think and opine is no longer acceptable in the Republic. No surprise though, the constitutional demise at the hands of progressives and socialists has been fomenting for some 100 plus years. Sadly, I believe we can no longer revive the Founder's vision for a free and open constitutionally grounded society.

The original Project Veritas article is here...

Honor, Respect, Preserving America's Promise a Salute to Veterans from the Heart and in Prayer, Thank You, Infinitum

Honoring All Who Served...

A Rock Solid Tribute to Our Military this Memorial Day

Ray 'Bubba" Sorensen is a talented artist and student at Iowa State. Ray is the type of guy that believes doing something is more important than sitting home in front of a game console or complaining that work is too hard or life owes him something. He loves to exercise his gift. Having a talent and natural ability to share his mind's eye with a paintbrush in hand, Ray embarked on a special project in his hometown, sharing his patriotism and love of country with the rest of his community with a brush and a few gallons of paint.

Remembering why we honor their sacrifice this Memorial Day

The following video was made by Major Mark Zinno, of radio station 105.7 in Baltimore. He is currently deployed and serving in Iraq.

The Week In Cartoons -- Merry Christmas! Don't Be A Grinch Edition

Merry Christmas from some of the best political cartoonists on the planet. And, Merry Christmas from the Carroll Standard, too.  

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Promoted -- CATO: Downsizing Federal Government Spending

fgh56uh65et3Downsizing Federal Government Spending grounds today’s most pressing policy debates firmly in the numbers. It is a clear and essential guide for policymakers and voters alike on reducing federal spending and on preventing a massive budget crisis that could crush the generations ahead. 

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